Guns: Responsibility and Respect

Natural rights are contingent upon Responsibility and Respect. The Gun owner’s Responsibility is to exercise them with knowledge, skill and Safety. Gun owners must have a Respect for the inherent dangers to Self, Family, Friend, and the public. A Gun Owner must have Respect for the right of others to enjoy peaceful pursuit of their happiness and well being.

Everyone has a right to defend themselves. Balance is the key. Even a Marine at war is trained in safety first and when to stand down. Everyone is speaking from irrational fear of something out of ignorance.

We need people who understand weapons and defensive measures at the local level securing their schools. Screw the Feds. Our children are ours to protect. It can be done unobtrusively and with common sense.

Semper Fi,
“War Dog 6 Actual, Over”
GySgt. DD Barton, Ret.

One comment on “Guns: Responsibility and Respect

  1. Frank Boone says:

    Reinforces my belief gun safety should be taught in school. Starting with the most rudimentary in elementary school then advanced starting in junior high. My dad started teaching me gun safety first with my red ryder bb gun at age 5 then followed with more advanced training with a 22 at 6.

    Those lessons are still with me today.

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