Sandy Hook: A Failure To Address Threat Capability

Sandy Hook: A Failure to Address Threat Capability.

This is not an attempt to point fingers and place blame. I believe we as America bear a responsibilty for not protecting those children. My purpose is to focus on what went wrong and propose disscussions that will lead to viable and effective solutions.

We need to honestly discuss the threats to peace, liberty, and safety, we face in America today.  In that discussion we cannot afford to be dismissive of any group and their perceptions. We need to choose our words carefully and communicate accurate and honest definitions of the threats. A defense based on false information is not an effective defense.

My initial observation of this incident is that the defensive measures employed at Sandy Hook and probably many more schools just like it do not address the threats and threat capabilities our children and schools currently face.

Simply locking the doors is a good defensive measure to deny unauthorized entrance to a pervert’s or parent’s abduction of a child. As we sadly learned, it will not stop a shooter if he can simply shoot out the glass in or next to a door. Our focus needs to be on preventing entry at least long enough for armed security or Police to respond. The measures employed must delay an attempt to blow the doors as well. These measures would address the threat posed by a gunman or two but not a coordinated attack by a large group.

If an attack by a larger group, bomber or suicide bomber is percieved to be a threat then Perimeter measures would need to be instituted that slow or prohibit an attack. As radical as these measures seem, they have been used around with success. At any rate, effective defensive measures must address the capabilities of the percieved and real threats.

Another facet of Defense is the local population and parents taking an active roll in educating themselves. They, their children and neighbors should know what danger signs to look for and take defensive action or report them quickly. Children and parents in other countries are no strangers to these requirements. Many here are not.

I think that police presence at critical and vulnerable times during the day would not unduly add to the cost of law enforcement if managed wisely in a patrolling type regimen. That is already being done it seems though one Policeman at the door or in the parking lot would probably have taken out a shooter at Sandy Hook.

We need to look at how we manage police manpower and priorities. We need to seek ways to use management to address priority threats first and relegate nuisance crime interdiction and prosecution to the back burner. It is a more effective use of manpower to have one or two armed men at a point of prevention than a hundred picking up the pieces three minutes later. We are smarter and better than that. Think out of the box and conventional wisdom.

Protecting our children should be our highest priority. Adults should take care of themselves.

Semper Fi,
“War Dog 6 Actual, Over”
GySgt. DD Barton, Ret.

4 comments on “Sandy Hook: A Failure To Address Threat Capability

  1. NONEOFURBUS says:

    I offer these words for everyone to consider before we all get on topics of what should be done to prevent this.

    Consider for a moment the individual who is suffering inside from some type of pain, hurt, abuse or traumatic event; and they can’t or won’t get help. Consider the people around this person who are concerned for that person and try to get them help. But can’t because the existing system says there is nothing that can be done until someone causes physical harm or damage. By the time that occurs, it’s too late.

    I know, because my family lived through exactly such an event this past summer, where my grandchildren’s father continued to threaten them and their mother and all of us were continuously turned away without evidence of harm. Even after an attempted suicide he was released and is still allowed to terrorize his family, to this day, months after their divorce. I took in my daughter-in law and our grandchildren before anything got worse, but he’s still out there even after all of our cries for help.

    This is where WE all need to do our part in society today to protect those we love and care about. Our outcry for reformation should be directed towards being heard, and acting upon those instances where someone can be helped before it goes too far. I’m particularly touched, personally by this event for these reasons


    • War Dog 6 Actual says:

      Thank you for your thoughts. Balance has to be the watchword I think. It is impossible to maintain balance without staying focused on the ultimate objective. Safety with freedom to choose. In your situation there is no easy solution. I imagine it was created by many individuals making contributing choices. The only solution I see is to establish a legal relationship of victim and aggresser by obtaining a restraining order. That does not protect but it justfies extreme defensive measures if necessary. I don’t believe it is reasonable to expect the government to protect by locking people up for thought crimes. We have to learn to protect ourselves and our families.


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