The Culture of Violence, Murder and Defense.

The Culture of Violence and Defense has been with us since Adam was cast from the Garden into an unforgiving and Violent Natural World. The Culture of Murder and Defense has been with us since Cain killed his brother Abel. Neither situation will be changed by the laws of men. Nature’s laws rule supreme and care nothing for the laws of men. Nature is no respecter of persons.

My concern is, we will never learn:

1. You cannot create soft targets for Violence and/or Murder and expect to not pay a price.

2. You cannot Defend/Insulate yourself from either by simply ignoring their existence, presence, prevalence, or capabilities.

3. You cannot create a safe haven from either without trained watchmen guarding the gates. You cannot effectively defend against either without a plan that addresses the threat capability.

4. You are responsible for the defense of your liberty and safety from Violence and Murder. That responsibility cannot be delegated without giving up Sovereignty, Liberty and Safety.

5. Your safety  and the safety of your family from Violence and Murder is your responsibility and cannot be delegated without loss of Sovereignty, Liberty, and Safey.

6. Your Sovereignty, Liberty and Safety, along with that of your family, should be your highest priority.

Know and Respect the World and its capabilities. Respect yourself and your responsibilities.

Semper Fi,
“War Dog 6 Actual, Over”
GySgt. DD Barton, Ret.

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