Marine Force Recon Poser: Darick West, Sand Springs, Oklahoma















67 comments on “Marine Force Recon Poser: Darick West, Sand Springs, Oklahoma

  1. Jackie Garcia says:

    My mom is dating this man right now. I knew from when i met him something was up. Does anyone know what his warrant is for in Idaho. He is living with us right now and I have a kid in the house. He has told us he was a staff sergeant in the marines he has the uniforms and stuff. He doesnt have a job right now and i know why he doesnt know because of his record. We had no knowledge of his record.


  2. K.lopez says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself Darick! What a disgusting thing to fake.

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  3. Tina Martin says:

    Darick has 2 step brothers, I am his ex wife, he is a habitual liar. He is from Norwalk California not Puerto Rico, his father qas in the Army. Darick has 6 kids, 2 ex wives, 2 polygamous wives and serveral ex girlfriends. Darick never graduated high school, cannot pass a psych exam nor pas a background check, he is a felon. He cannot even pass a lie dectector.


  4. Tina Martin says:

    Darick Charles West. awhat the hell is wrong with you saying that you were in the Marines! You are a liar, you never even completed High School and are a dead beat dad that has 6 kids and cannot take care of any of them, let a lone being a man that has committed a polygamy! You should be a shame of yourself, your grandmother would be rolling in her grave if she knew that you are portraying yourself as a veteran!!!


  5. sandra millard says:

    Anything new on this matter War Dog?


  6. sandra millard says:

    So I’m sitting here showing all of this to my friend who was recently in the navy ( got out in 2005) she is pointing out ALL if the errors in his uniform pictures..for instance the Kuwait ribbon he is wearing in a couple of the pictures is actually upside down in one if the pictures..sleeves aren’t rolled correctly, blouse is too big..etc etc…

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  7. hmansqueen says:

    I remember you telling me that! Too funny….when i met him he said he was going to school to be a DEA..and worked as a security guard..once i found out he was still married his wife told me they were both living on her welfare check! He didnt work or go to school…

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  8. cquesada says:

    I tried replying..dont know if this will come thru..but to get public record..what record are u asking for? Birth certificate? I would have to go to LA county…i no longer live in LA…but u could take my word…unfortunately he is the biological father of my daughter…i have known darick since 1991…i can talk to one of his baby mamas and see if she will participate in this…

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  9. cquesada says:

    For those of you who question who this guy is…i am embarrassed to say that i know him.and everything about him..
    His name IS Darick West but he is not a Marine..never has been, and he is not a Puerto Rican from ponce, puerto rico!! He is from los angeles, ca!!
    He is nothing more than a bum who faked his way to get SSI so he wouldnt have to pay child support for his 6 kids!!! he is a dead beat dad..he is a Loser!! And has been lieing for the past 7 years that he is a marine!!!

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  10. kdub1968 says:

    Any new information on this guy


  11. Robert Young says:

    Okay i know him for a very long time and i believe that he is a very good guy. And I do believe that you had yourself lots of fun with all this about him and everything so im asking you to remove everything about this and pictures about him please take them down thank you


  12. Reblogged this on War Dog 6 Actual: Rumor Control and commented:

    Updated with more screen shots, photos and Darick’s replies to queries.


  13. Brandon says:

    All to impress some fat white chick. Hell he might actually be a Marine. Seems to be the norm…. all these dependopotamus’ running around.


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