Truth and Lies in the Texas House

Copied from my timeline feed on Facebook. The truth about DemonicRats in the Texas House.
From our southern neighbor —
AN ILLEGAL ACTION IS A VIOLATION OF THE LAW AND CRIMINAL… as Christians we do have a responsibility to be lawful citizens so long as the law does not cause us to violate the law of God… it’s not a lack of compassion to fall on the side of lawful order. If you’re not breaking the law you have nothing to fear from those charged with enforcing it. 
Okay. I was going to be quite and not say anything about what happened on the Texas House Floor with my friend Matt Rinaldi and some other State Reps. However, enough is enough. I am a first generation American in the grand scheme of it all. I come from a very humble Mexican family who sought and reached for the American Dream and has truly won it in many regards. 
So Matt called ICE (immigrations LAW ENFORCEMENT) on individuals who were bragging in the State Capital about BREAKING THE LAW… that he is sworn to uphold, defend and protect. Listen if you are STUPID enough. Yes STUPID. To hold up a sign that says “I’m Illegal and I’m Staying” you probably should  have ICE called on you…. for those of you who don’t understand the term illegal still means “lawbreaker” and yes we have law that should be rightfully enforced. 
To further the stupidity the opposition is waving the flag of a nation they fled and don’t desire to live in because America is BETTER but they feel the need to fly the Mexican flag still? Sorry but I’m not sorry, the flag that we fly here is RED WHITE AND BLUE and has Stars and Stripes. That’s the flag I served under, fought to keep flying and the flag that still flys in front of my house, it’s the flag that one day will cover my coffin. Do not insult the nation you ran to in hopes of a better life by championing a flag of a nation you believe to low of to live in. 
Why am I so vocal about this? Because no matter what you believe about immigration. You do not further the cause by threatening the life and safety of a man and his family. Here are the facts: 
Did you know the protesters knocked an older DPS officer down the stairs? 
Did you know they were waving Mexican flags in our Texas House? 
Did you know the protesters required every DPS officer to get them forced out of the gallery, leaving our State Reps unprotected on the House floor? 
Did you know there were dozens of Democrat State Reps physically ganging up on 10 or so of our guys? 
Did you know that because it was the last day of session and families were there to bring their daddies home, our guys jumped in to protect Rinaldi with babies in their arms?  
Did you know the Democrat State Reps were threatening to do things like slit throats? 
Did you know our guys had to form a protective ring around Rinaldi to get him to the safety of a private office, then had to huddle in there for hours, and he had to be escorted home by DPS because the threats of the Democrats were so violent and real? 
Did you know the media is reporting that Rinaldi is the one at fault?
H/T Andrew Chavarrilla

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