The Reason Why Patreon Sucks | Lauren Southern


Lauren Southern

So as you may know recently Patreon has kicked me off their website, essentially eviscerating my income. The reason? Allegedly, I was “raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life.” Despite this being not even remotely true, Patreons trust and safety council said they “will not consider an appeal.” So here we are! Censored once again for my scary opinions and coverage. Big liberal silicon valley companies want me to become a friendly little vlogger that spouts all the right lines and collects my paycheck at the end of the month and a progressive pat on the back. I won’t let that happen. No matter how much they try to stop me, to shut me down and shut me up – they won’t. So welcome to my new website, where along with all the same exclusives I had on my patreon it will have the security of always having true free speech. I’m also going to be working to constantly improve the site so after a few touch ups it will be even better than my patreon on was! As with my previous Patreon account the donations here go towards my video production, equipment and travel costs for reporting. In the short time I was on Patreon I got to cover fantastic events all over the world including things like The Battle of Berkely, The Identitarian Movement in Europe, Mass Migration camps in Paris – and have vastly improved my editing and video quality due to the support from my Patrons. I love getting to cover the dangerous ideas and stories I do, and I can only do it thanks to the amazing support I continue to receive despite how many times I’m deplatformed. I hope you consider subscribing for exclusive content, updates and livestreams on here! Anything helps. The site is currently in it’s baby stages but it’s a work in progress – I hope you stick around to see it grow! Stay deplorable ~ Lauren Southern

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