The Whole Story on #Charlottesville

Cherokee Parks on Charlottesville via Facebook post. (The following is not edited)

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I have a lot to say starting with ENOUGH! We MUST protect our history! Flags, statues, monuments and memorials are inanimate objects. They have no voice. They CANNOT defend themselves. So why are they being attacked? Their removal accomplishes NOTHING! We CANNOT erase our history, good or bad, so why attempt it? To appease a few? What about the rest of us? Have we no say? Are our feelings and attitudes to be ignored to satisfy the minority? I keep hearing we are a Democracy, so if we are then let’s take a vote on it and let the majority rule. But if we are a “Republican form of government”, why are we acting like it and following the rule of law? Let’s face it, Charlottesville was a setup from the very beginning of its planning. A leftist, non-profit organization, the ACLU, quickly supported the KKK in court to ensure the permit stood after being cancelled. Why? Another leftist, non-profit organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, was also very aware of the event scheduling, and made certain the news of the event was broadcast to every liberal, anti-this or anti-that group across the nation was made aware of it. (“The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote that the rally was ‘shaping up to be the largest hate-gathering of its kind in decades in the United States’ and that it was “expected to draw a broad spectrum of far-right extremist groups – from immigration foes to anti-Semitic bigots, neo-Confederates, Proud Boys, Patriot and militia types, outlaw bikers, swastika-wearing neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Ku Klux Klan members.” – Bill Morlin – August 7, 2017) Is Trump correct, were there “good people” on both sides? Of course, good people (“innocents”) were there just as they are always present when the fit hit the shan throughout history, and all over the globe. But why were the media there in force, to record BOTH SIDES, or the side that best fits their agenda? I think we all know the answer to that, based on HOW they are reporting the events that ensued. The primary event coordinator, Jason Kessler, worked for both Obama and Hillary, yet he was directly involved in setting up the event. Why? Did he suddenly change his spots? And who was he involving? Right-wing zealots also were contacting every racist and white supremacist group they could find, as well as Constitutionalists and those with a record of supporting history and our laws, encouraging attendance. League of the South, the Traditionalist Workers Party, Vanguard America, the National Socialist Movement, the Ku Klux Klan, the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, the 3 Percenters, Identity Evropa, the Oath Keepers, the American Guard, the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia, the New York Light Foot Militia, the Virginia Minutemen Militia, the Detroit Right Wings, the Rise Above Movement, True Cascadia, and Anti-Communist Action. Keep in mind that at lesat one of these groups, like the Oath Keepers, is NOT a “white supremacist” group, but are labeled as such by the left because of their strong stance on nationalism. And they all knew the left-wingers would be there in force. Why else would both sides come armed to the teeth? Because they knew the other side would, and needed to be able to protect themselves. BOTH SIDES, PEOPLE, BOTH SIDES! So who did the left contact to be there? On 31 July, 2017, the ecumenical and interfaith clergy group Congregate Charlottesville called for a thousand members of the clergy to counter protest at the rally. Groups counter protesting included representatives from the National Council of Churches, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Racist Action, Antifa, the Democratic Socialists of America, the Workers World Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party, Redneck Revolt, the Industrial Workers of the World, the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, and Showing Up for Racial Justice. I would argue that, from the language coming out of many of the counter protestors, they were NOT “members of the clergy”! And I also have to ask, how Christian is it to send people to a rally that you know will end up being violent? Then there is the order to police to “guide” the opposing sides together at one place, and to stand down if violence started. They got exactly what they wanted, another firestorm to support the changing of our history and, ultimately, the destruction of our nation. But really, who gave the order? Surely the mayor knew what would happen, as did the governor, so who puled their chains? Who paid for all the event planning? Who paid to bus in all the “counter protestors”? Aren’t they all complicate in this? And bets on who staged this? Does the name George Soros ring any bells? You remember him, right? The guy who said, “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work.” And the guy who funds groups who ended up at odds on both sides of this event. So can we get past the false and inflammatory rhetoric being circulating, fomented by the media and special interest groups? Probably not, as the media has already influenced those who live in the 8-second sound bite world and there is now no reasoning with them. Their minds are made up, and no amount of truth can alter that mindset. Exactly what the forces behind all this want them to be, just as the statues, monuments, memorials or flags are not the problem and removing them is not the cure. The intent is to further divide this nation and its citizens so that only major bloodshed can result. This has been building in intensity for over 50 years, accelerated over the last decade, and unless the “silent majority” speak out against it. That same silent majority that was so sick of politics as usual that they elected a non-politician instead, further upsetting the media and liberal elitists. However, voting simply isn’t enough now to stem the tide of violence. Do I advocate violence on our own lands? NO! But if it comes I’ll be ready, and so should you. For now, contact your elected representatives and make certain your voice is HEARD loudly and clearly. And if they don’t listen, work to replace them with someone who WILL listen. This nation turned “red” last year, but not all those who were placed in office are supporting your wishes, the wishes that got them elected. We can turn it even more “red” next year, but it won’t do a bit of good if they forget their pledges once the hit DC. WAKE UP, AMERICA! THE TIME TO STAND IS NOW! Before it’s too late and we no longer have a nation to stand for.

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One comment on “The Whole Story on #Charlottesville

  1. Anonymous says:

    …61% of the ‘people’ are against erasing History (good or bad)…it’s a reminder of mistakes in the past so they will not be repeated in the future…and I will NOT be silenced says the Majority of we Americans!

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