Don Surber: Antifa bomber arrested

Monday, August 21, 2017 Antifa bomber arrested The media has been pushing the Antifa narrative that violence is justified. A chicken came home to rest this weekend when a wannabe Bill Ayers tried to blow up a Confederate statue in Houston. Fortunately, a park ranger stopped him and arrested him. The news media has egged this on. Trump is Hitler! Confederate statues must go! Nazi speakers must be shut down. This is CNN: Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence Peace through violence? That’s what CNN said. The cowards changed the headline after being caught by Trump supporters. From the story: Antifa activists, who operate without any centralized leadership, told CNN that their goal is peace and inclusivity. They often denounce capitalism and government. Since Trump entered the world stage, they’ve condemned his push to tighten immigration rules and what some view as his tendency toward racism. While Antifa members don’t fit a single category, they say many are millennials and many live on society’s fringes: undocumented immigrants, transgender people, low-wage workers, those who don’t conform to the traditional 9-to-5. And their methods are often violent. Antifa leaders admit they’re willing to physically attack anyone who employs violence against them or who condones racism — as long as force is used in the name of eradicating hatred. Lone wolves. Where have we heard the media make that false claim before? A convicted bomber joined Antifa because the Antifa fascists are the rightful heirs to Bill Ayers and other leftist bombers. This loon wanted to blow up the Sam Houston statue in Houston. From the Houston Chronicle: A Houston man has been charged with trying to plant explosives at the statue of Confederate officer Richard Dowling in Hermann Park, federal officials said Monday. Andrew Schneck, 25, who was released from probation early last year after being convicted in 2015 of storing explosives, was charged in a criminal complaint filed in federal court, Acting U.S. Attorney Abe Martinez said in a statement Monday. Schneck was arrested Saturday night after a Houston park ranger spotted him kneeling in bushes in front of the Dowling monument in the park, Martinez said. Schneck was holding two small boxes that included duct tape and wires. When confronted Saturday night in the park, he tried to drink some of the liquid explosives but spit it out, officials said. Federal authorities said one of the tubes contained nitgroglycerin and hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, HMTD, a “highly explosive compound” used as a primary explosive. Nitroclycerin, in its purest form, is a contact explosive. “ln its undiluted form, [nitroglycerin] is one of the world’s most powerful explosives,” according to the statement. Schneck was arrested about 11 p.m. Saturday in the park, a source said, following a day of protests that drew hundreds of people to Sam Houston Park protesting a Spirit of the Confederacy statue. The Saturday event also drew counter-protesters. The media needs to dial back its loathing of Trump because its message of the means-justify-the-violence encourages violence. What’s odd is how Wolf Blitzer whines that President Trump puts reporters’ lives in jeopardy by daring to publicly criticize Blitzer’s Fake News network.

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