Don Surber: The Art of the Deal, Tax Reform Edition


President Trump got plenty in the deal: The end of the resistance.

His next move was to give Congress a six-month deadline to fix DACA.

Pelosi-Schumer then announced that they had reached an agreement with President Trump to talk about immigration.

I told my readers this was a triumph for Trump. I knew this because the side that goes public first is the side that is behind in the negotiations.

Pelosi-Schumer said three magic words. They would negotiate everything “excluding the wall.”

That meant the wall was non-negotiable.

DC went crazy and said Trump had given up on the wall. A few Always Trumpers bought the spin.


The next day, the House passed a $1.6 billion appropriation for the wall. This week, construction began on eight prototypes.

Which brings us to what I said — all along — was what President Trump wanted.

Tax reform.

That was all that was left for him to get.

A 2006 law authorized the wall.

A 1986 law authorized deporting illegal aliens.

People had asked what Trump gets out of the deal. I wrote two weeks ago: tax reform.

And now we are getting it. The middle class will see cuts. Corporate taxes will be cut from 35% down to 20%. The rich will pay more.

Grover Norquist is on board.

Democrats might be, too.

Remember, Donald John Trump originated too big to fail a quarter-century ago.

A billion dollars in debt he could not pay, he convinced 70 banks — from Frankfurt to Tokyo — to let him keep most of his empire and rebuild.

He is now worth $10 billion.

And people in Washington call him a fool.


Let that soak in.

Trust God, not men. But also remember the final six words of “Trump the Establishment”: Never bet against Donald John Trump.

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