A Local Issue: Security and Weapon Regulation

The Federal Government was not delegated authority from the States or their citizens to regulate the possession of weaponry. That authority was illegally and unconstitutionally seized by legislative acts of congress, implemented by illegal and unconstitutional agencies in the executive branch and condoned by opinions of the SCOTUS based on ideology instead of the clear directons provided by the founders in reams of writings on the subject.

Their writings make it clear that the Federal Government was to have no authority to disarm the people or their local and state governments. To think otherwise is ludicrous and either ignorant or dishonest. The people through their local and state governments have the responsibilty for their security within the boundaries of the Republic. Reason and logic dictate that this responsibility includes the right to decide what is reasonable and prudent in armaments. The Federal responsibility for Republic security begins at the external borders of the Republic. Reason and logic again dictate that the Federal Government decides what is resonable and prudent weaponry to defend the Republic from external threats.

It isn’t anymore complicated than that. So everyone needs to shut the hell up about Federal gun control. The founders settled that argument at the Constitutional Convention and the ratification conventions. There is no Constitutional argument for federal gun control within the Republic except on federal posts and properties under their jurisdiction as a practical matter to maintain safety and dicipline of federal assets.

That is one scary looking gun but nowhere near as scary as a federal government with all the power and sole ownership of weaponry.

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