Weapon Control and Survivability

How many did Timothy Mcveigh kill with a rental truck full of fertilizer? How many did the brothers kill in Boston with a couple of backpack bombs?

Shut the hell up about guns. If the maniac is using guns you have a better chance of survival. You can’t fight, shoot or control an explosion.

Would you rather face a bomber, a driver or a shooter? Which one is easier to defend against?

Get your war face on and learn to defend yourself. These threats aren’t going away and are only going to get worse. Soft targets die first.

God and His Son saved us from eternal death by institution of the resurrection of all living things. It is on us to do what we can to extend our life in mortality to give us more opportunity to do good. He will help us in our efforts to do so but even God is constrained by the agency of man. The principle of agency does not allow Him to help those who will do nothing to help themselves as a rule. You have to be aware of the threats you face in this world and take appropriate action. Simply praying for safety will not suffice in most cases if you have the capability to at least try to defend yourself.

Pray while you are bailing the boat. Pray for success. Pray to not quit before the shore is reached. Pray for the strength of will to do what you must. Do not pray for God to take away the challenge. Pray for strength to meet it. He will most likely meet the deficit.

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