The Cross of the Sword

Yesterday I had someone claim that I had no compassion for the sanctity of life because I was willing to kill, to protect the weak and innocent from bullies and murderers. They claimed it was more Christian to take the bullet meant for someone else.

If life were that simple we wouldn’t need to be here to figure it out but let me try.

Christ told His followers to suffer His death because it was His mission to suffer and die even though he had power to save Himself. They didn’t need to fight for Him or die to protect Him. His mission was to open the way to the ressurrection of all life on the earth to save us from an eternal separation from our bodies. That was His mission, to take the bullet for us, not ours. We each have our own mission in life.

If I simply take the first bullet meant for you, but you also are killed regardless of that futile effort, what is accomplished? What have I saved you from? What have I accomplished? Have I truly respected the sanctity of my own life and yours also?

I take nothing from those who have sacrificed themselves so that others may live. But that is the point, “So that others may live.” That is what Christ did, He sacrificed His mortal life so that others may live an eternal life. We do not have that power.

We do have the power to sacrifice our peace of mind and comfort in order to kill evil so that others may live out their mortal life and accomplish their mission to work good amongst mankind. I have taken on that mission. It is one of mine, to be a warrior.

Do not condemn my warrior brothers and I for taking that cross to bear so you do not have to. We have saved you from that necessity. That is our gift to you.

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