Flynn and #MuellerBurgers

Flynn was fired by Trump for lying to the Vice President (Not sure who reported it that way or if it was even accurate).

Now Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI (Not sure exactly what he lied about).

Was that all they could charge him with? By the way, it is not a crime for a candidate or candidate-elect to communicate with a foreign government. In fact it is done in every election. It has to do with communicating expectations and continuity of government. It is good for foreign governments to get a sense of what to expect from America.

It isn’t like a damn binding agreement can be negotiated and signed without Senate approval (Unless you are Barrack Obama, who seems to be visiting foreign governments as I write … and that Iran Deal … ???)

The only way this helps the incessant Trump-Russia collusion narrative is if Flynn has self-proving documents to release to to the FBI in return for the offer of a lesser charge to reduce prison exposure. His credibility for testimony is worthless. What any such documents could actually prove is a big question.

Exactly how a collusion worked to defeat Hillary is still in the ether somewhere. Social media input from Russian bots is a farce. The crap from both sides effectively cancelled each other out as far as I could see on social media. Every thread on a post was filled with idiocy from both sides. No one’s mind was changed by social media posts in my estimation.

As far as fake news, propaganda, bias, outright lies? Hell, that is just business as usual. Trump and Russia certainly wouldn’t have a corner on that market. Our own media lies and spins everyday. There is BS everywhere you look and listen.

The left’s whole narrative is based on the supposed integrity of media and their polls. Think about that. The election had to have been stolen by corruption because, “The media and its polls said she was supposed to win in a landslide.” The same media that is known to lie outright.

So, what is going on with Mueller and Flynn? I don’t know. I do know what Mueller and Flynn just put back on the front burner. Lying to the FBI is a federal felony. It can get you prison time. Just ask Martha Stewart. Hillary and Bill, are you paying attention?

I do know there has never been such a blatant effort to destabilize the Republic and disregard a free and fair election of the president. I do know the Federal Bureaucracy is being legally deconstructed by executive actions. I do know the President is giving up unconstitutional executive power.

I do know the swamp is literally self-draining at this point. All Trump is doing is pulling the plugs that source the power. The power of money and bribery influence that covers the Clinton Crime Family and its associates is dissappearing. Take heart and Merry Christmas. Pro tip: Buy stock in anything to do with popcorn.

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