What is the Trump Train?

Via Ed Fagnant post on facebook.

What is the Trump Train?

I saw it yesterday.
I was returning from the pipe coating plant that is adding a shift to keep up with demand after years of lay offs.
The same company that bought a dormant US Steel pipe mill.
Investing millions of dollars to retool the plant that was closed for years.

Hundreds of steel workers going back to high paying jobs.
(After) 8 years of unreasonable regulations, based on false premise,The Trump Train was rolling to this plant.

It was 4 engines at the front and 2 pushers at the rear.
It was 117 cars of Pennsylvania coal, mined by hard working Appalachian folks, starved out by those very regulations that closed the plants, that put hard working Americans out of work.

The Trump Train is a load of pipe headed for the right of ways where Natural Gas will provide clean American Energy, create jobs, so folks can rebuild their destroyed lives, put Carpenters, electricians and plumbers to work remodeling and building houses.

That train wasn’t (only) carrying coal……. it was carrying the dreams coming true for millions of hard working Americans that just want to live the life they once had again.

If you liked this post, as I know many of my friends will, I made this one shareable…. so, by all means go right ahead.

Rumor Control:

I see Trump Trains everday behind my home. The heartbeat of the American Economy pulsing throughout the day and night. Turn off the communist media. Get out and feel the new heartbeat of America. She is healthy again.

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