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There are a *lot* of people out there with fears that high-profile cases underway by this admin, being aided by some in congress will not amount to any real change.This thought process stems from *decades* of seeing that play out time and time again. The system protecting..

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2) protecting its own so the corruption, abuse, grifting and crimes can continue unabated.

People think there’s too many in the swamp to sabotage. Too many to bring down. On and on their reasons are endless.

3) all these interconnected reasons that prop up this well-reinforced fear center one giant, erroneous assumption: that the old rules still apply. That the swamp has the power and they make the rules.

4) people who are caught up in their fears are deliberately ignoring the *new* reality out of several factors: confirmation bias built on 60+ years of experience, the fact people aren’t In prison *yet*, an unrealistic expectation that this admin could wave a magic and..

5) *presto*! Bad actors would all appear in orange suits at gitmo. That’s not how it works. Not how *any* of this works. It’s a battle. It’s being fought methodically and they are losing.

6) 14 months ago vast amount of Americans doubted any of what you’ve learned this past year would ever see daylight. Every person that tweets me saying nothing will happen are the same who said cases would never be re-opened, indictments would never happen & PDJT wouldn’t win.

7) those of us doing the research & putting the info out there aren’t here to bicker w those who are cynical to the point they won’t listen. None of us have time for it.

8) I’m barraged *constantly* with tweets like ‘but what about this?’ Or ‘but that’ll never go anywhere!’. Yeah. 8 major cases ongoing and #UraniumOneindictments being unsealed, & about to find out how badly Obama Team w Team Clinton *did* turn America into Orwell’s ‘1984’…

9) …but some people are looking at all this thinking ‘old rules still apply and nothing will happen’. Bullshit.

This was so far beyond the pale it *forced* us to deal. There won’t be token arrests. There can’t be or this will happen again, worse then before.

10) people who can’t see it don’t understand the scope of what happened, or his dire it is. We either punish *all* the conspirators harshly, or it happens again worse than before. I shouldn’t have to explain what ‘worse’ is.

11) the ‘deep state’ lost the power struggle. The puppets they use to control *us* have lost their income streams and puppet masters. Feinstein, Schiff, Schumer, pelosi are panicking. Obama and Jarrett in hiding. Why?

12) because we smashed their control mechanisms with an iron fist. Asset forfeiture & seizure. Media being discredited real time daily. YOU need to be working to that end EVERY DAY.

13) all these people who had these innate fears were screaming ‘Sessions is alseep! Fire him!’ Only to learn email, foundation, #UraniumOneHezbollah, FISA abuse, and coup investigation were all going on for months.

14) these people thought the old rules applied and since we had power we’d let it go. Kind of like we never fought back against an evil media. It’s *our* rules, now. Not there’s. the other side is *just starting* to realize it. It’s dawning on them now.

15) The first #UraniumOneindictment is air tight, is a huge player, and leads up the food chain. It’s real crimes not process crimes. That case is ginormous and there’s no escaping it.

16) the FBI has Datto *complete backups* (plural) of the Hillary email server and there’s no one left at the FBI or in a position at DOJ to save her. Or the others involved.

17) HRC had SAP level classified programs on that server. Programs she was never read into or cleared for. Had no access to. Someone stole that data from an above top secret SCIF and smuggled it out, gave it to her and..

18) ..she made sure it got on the server that was penetrated by foreign intelligence. You think ‘law and order’ Sessions & coats are gonna give that a pass? No.

19) You think the revelations about weaponizing the FBI, & IC & the spying, attempted rigging of election & subsequent coup are being ignored? This admin has been planning for this presidency for decades. They’re being assisted by white hats like Adm Rogers, Bill Binney, others.

20) the president is surrounded by men who have spent *decades* fighting and bleeding for our country, w utmost integrity and honor. Men like Gen Mattis, Gen Kelly, Gen McMaster, & @GenFlynn .
We will not lose.

21) I’m growing weary of people who remain defeatist. Who will not listen. Who will not remove their heads from the sand. Wake UP!

22) Mike Pompeo has purged the CIA. The bad actors who spent the first several months assisting the coup in any way they could lost and have been dealt with. Adm Rogers owns the NSA & people like reality winner are finding out the hard way.

23) you think the media is panicking & people like James Comey, Sally Q Yates, Eric Holder, John Brennan, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes, are on Twitter melting down bc they feel safe? No. There’s a reason Brennan has a plan to flee to Pakistan.

24) there’s a reason SallyQ Yates et al are trying to curry public favor. And sympathy. They *know* these disclosures are a battle to groom public opinion to ready America for big trials, or perhaps military tribunals.

25) there will be much good news as this machine, this coordinated plan takes down and then deals with the evil that has run our country for decades but there will be hurdles too. Resistance is real, and its ineffective.

26) we hold *all* the cards. Nothing they can do amounts to anything more than stalling and harassment. It is ineffective. Take a look at tax reform, at judicial appointments, at ISIS, at the economy.

27) then take a look at how successful impeachment has been. Or stopping these cases moving forward. *WE* make the rules now.

28) Addendum: for solid information and to stay current, with the spin or bias, here is a list of accts to follow-


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