POTUS | Nuke #SchumerShutdown

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Funny how Democrats are suddenly all about the Constitution, 10th ammendment, States Rights and State nullification of three powers actually delegated to the Federal Government by the States when they ratified the Constitution … Immigration Control … Border Security and Foreign Policy.

Democrats violate the Constitution because they have no love for the Republic. The Constitution is an impediment to their Marxist lust for power.

California is in fact doing what the Founder’s wanted to prevent … the importation of foreign influence and power to gain an advantage over the other States. Democrats are , by either design or ignorance, probably both … colluding with foreign powers to flood the country with illegal immigrants.

#SanctuaryStatesCities are blatantly unconstitutional. Why is Congress letting them get away with this treason against the welfare of the Republic and it Constitution? What is the Constitutional remedy for this travesty upon our nation?

We could start by not being afraid to expose DemonicRats for what they are …

#ReleaseTheMemo stop #TheMemoBlackout and the #SchumerShutdown diversionary sideshow.

#ReleaseTheMemo ?

What is this memo you speak of?

Rep Devin Nunes wrote a summary of classified evidence recieved from the the DoJ Office of Inspector General. Evidence gathered over a year long investigation into the Obama administration’s spying on Americans without warrants. Treating Americans as foreign spies without warrant or legal authority. That memo. The memo that will bring down the Democrat party if revealed to the American people.



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