Rule of Principle Over Rule of Law

“No matter the form or nature of a government or any other system of relationship, designing men will corrupt it to establish power for control and position for themselves. The conflict is always between those who have power to oppress and those who must decide whether to submit or to rebel.

The rule of law is touted to be the power that maintains peace and harmony but this is false. The rule of Principle that Respects the individual and their right to life, Independence, Sovereignty and Property for their own defense, maintenance and progress is the Principle we should seek.

The state should not exist with any rights. The state of the group is determined by the Integrity of its members who govern themselves in accordance with the mission and purpose of the group.

The final and only real God given or Natural right of man is to choose whether to accept or reject membership in a defined group or state. If men want to live in Liberty then they must govern themselves individually with Respect for the Life, Liberty and property of others.

America will not accomplish this until they lay down the Agendas designed to exercise control and form positions of power over others.”

–Gunny Barton, Ret.

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