Comprehend the Magnitude | Patience? #ReleaseTheMemo

Larry Schweikart

1) The last thing I wanted to do this morning was a thread, but alas, the situation requires it. Sharyl Attkisson is one of THE best reporters out there, but apparently she never reads twitter. Many of us have said this for some time . . .

2) . . . that DOJ knows exactly what is in this documentation because


3) The biggest new revelation she offers is that potentially ALL of the FBI’s work for years may now be undone, at risk, and under scrutiny.

4) That of course would be U1, Benghazi (@CharlieDaniels ) Fast and Furious, Lynchmob’s meeting with the Slickster on the tarmac . . .

5) Of course, we all know where this is leading and has been leading for eight years.

To Zero.

6) It is inescapable that once you wash off all the dung, Zero will be sticking out with a pile of interoffice memos with his slimy name checked off, meaning he viewed them.

7) If you don’t know how gubment works, dozens of agencies and individuals will review even the most closely held initiatives/agenda items/strategies.

Each is sent to the Department (say, Justice or Interior) that the policy is related to. That Dept. will vet it.

8) Usually the Sec will pass it down to deputies to check to make sure a policy doesn’t contradict existing law or policy; if so, they will suggest how to reconcile. Of course, you want to have plausible deniability at every level.

9) Therefore, as each policy is circulated, there is a memo attached with a signoff sheet with everyone’s name (or usually, initials) on it. “HC”=Cankles, “JK”=Haughty (Kerry), “BO”=Zero and so on.

10) This was how investigators and special counsel could prove Reagan had no part in the diversion of funds in Iran-Contra. Ollie North generated a memo, but it never got past John Poindexter. “RR” was on no existing memo of the diversion.

11) Here’s the thing about paperwork in gubment. You think you “got it all.” But you never really do.

Some idiot, somewhere, always has the damn memo. North thought he destroyed every copy, but one surfaced and that was it. Game over.

12) So I guaran-damn-tee you, Zero has memos from the FBI, most likely Combover, High Priest (Priestep–not added to nicks yet), and MacBre (McCabe).

13) We know, via Sen. Ron Johnson’s letter, that High Priest was cc-ing Zero because he said so in a text, and worse: he said he was CHANGING Zero’s title from “president” to “a senior administration official” so as to keep Zero safe.

Uh oh.

14) The moron High Priest provided investigators with the Rosetta Stone, with the text equivalent of Urim and Thummim to decipher all High Priest’s text.

EVERY reference to “a senior administration official” in the texts=ZERO!!!!

15) So the fact that the Hill, even though it’s Attkisson, is now admitting that the DOJ knows means the damn is very close to breaking.

16) So here is a bid admission. I was wrong.

Up til now I thought the MAIN reason for not releasing stuff (the Memo) or not indicting people sooner was to protect sources, make sure everything jibed in docs internally in the case of the Memo, and . . .

16) contd: in the case of not yet indicting arresting people, that this has to be done ALL AT ONCE, in a massive mafioso-type sting.

That is all correct. But now I think I missed something bigger.

17) The reason this is taking so long is that Sessions and DOJ have a crisis far bigger than FBI/DOJ/CIA/DIA corruption/partisanship on their hands.

Not only are they looking at the possibility of criminal charges to an ex-prez . . .

17) which believe me would be massive (no president in American history has been served with serious criminal charges after his tenure)

But DOJ now has to consider that EVERY investigation and case the FBI conducted during that period is tainted.

18) Ponder that for just a moment, and don’t be flip. This is incredibly serious stuff. ALL would have to be reopened or re-started. Benghazi, Fast & Furious, other big investigations would have to be redone if Trump requests it.

19) Virtually EVERY major criminal case the FBI brought would now be under scrutiny. You can see the defense counsels lining up across the country.

I’m betting, on top of everything else, Sessions and his team are getting ulcers over this.

20) Zero’s and Combover’s FBI have utterly destroyed American justice, and not just by letting Cankles walk or Lerner skate. Those are big crimes. But in terms of process and procedure their evil has screwed every aspect of justice for almost a decade now.

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