#2018SOTU | The Pitch


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Jay Fivekiller

1/ One of the best #SOTU in a very long time. If you’re a loyal Trumpian, undoubtedly you loved it, although you might have been a touch worried about the tone or content.

Don’t be. You, loyal Trumpian, were not the primary audience.

2/ This was a classic Trump sales pitch. He was reaching out to ordinary people, black, white and hispanic, who didn’t vote for him in 2016.

If you noticed the speech was even structured like a highly effective sales pitch

3/ He opened with a long list of past successes, testament to what he’s done to MAGA.

Then, he sold the benefits of his plan. More money in your pocket, safer streets.

4/ And then he closed hard, tugging at your emotions and getting you to reengage with America, a brand you might have written off a few years ago.

Admit it, when that Korean guy stood up, you got teary eyed.


5/ Patriotism is back! America is back! Beacon of Freedom! Trump’s laying it on heavy & effective. The heartstrings are singing.

Meanwhile, camera cuts to Democrats scowling at Trump, scowling at America, trying to bring us down when we’re getting ready to Party in the USA

6/ Trump has flipped the script on the Dems in a entirely unexpected way. Trump undeniably loves America and undeniably loves Americas, all Americans. It was on display, tonight.

But, the Dems are scowling old fuddy-duddy wet blankets. The Grinches that Stole the 4th of July.

7/ Democrats are officially the sour, uncool, anti-patriotic party. The official party of the vegan scold who pitches a fit about the hotdogs at your BBQ, and every shot of them, sitting there, arms folded, hurrumphing at America, reinforced it

8/ A big part of Trump’s sales pitch was aimed squarely at black voters, and it succeeded beyond what the Democrats could have imagined. The image of the two families whose daughters were killed by MS-13, was incredibly powerful.

9/ Remember, Trump doesn’t need a majority of black voters, he just need to get to 20% from the 9% he won in 2016. After tonight, he’s probably closed half the gap.

If 20% of the black vote goes GOP, it will destroy the dems electoral prospects for a generation.

10/ My advice to you, now, is to forget the memo for a few days and bask in the glory that is Dr. President Donald J. Trump.

He doesn’t need some top secret memo to destroy his enemies. All he needs is a microphone, a little TV time and his unbounded love of America.

11/ His accent & mannerisms are straight out of Queens, rough and in your face, he’s not a classic orator, and yet ordinary people love him, ordinary people trust him and respond to him enthusiastic.

12/ Trump is authentic, Trump loves America, Trump loves Americans. He’s got skin in the game, he put his reputation, fortune, family and life on the line. He didn’t have to run. But he did.

13/ That’s why so many of us have responded to him, and why that #SOTU was so big, because he finally had a chance to show the rest of America– unmediated by the networks–exactly who he was. And it killed. He won big with the people who didn’t vote for him.

14/ He’ll never win over the looney left, the professional left, but he tonight he won a ton of voters. You’ll see it over coming week, and in November in the midterm elections.


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