#GameOfThrones #007 | A Trap Saves the Republic


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Stealth Jeff

OK everybody gather around. I’m about to explain something important about how we got here.

First, read this @ThomasWictor thread:


Here’s what a lot of my theorizing starting back in September was based on:

Trump got early warnings from people in the IC, especially MILITARY INTELLIGENCE how the Obama DOJ was illegally spying on him.

I’m talking back in April 2016.

Well before the election itself.
One of the first lessons in Sun Tzu’s Art of War is this: if you know how your enemy is going to move against you, you can not only prepare defenses against the attack.

You can also ENTRAP them and guide them into that trap.
What did Trump know before the election, while he was still campaigning?

The top brass at the DOJ and the IC [intel community] were riddled with Obama political operatives spying on him & preparing to work against him should he win the election.
Since the CIVILIAN IC was riddled with Obama appointees who were itching to find something to impeach him with or at least cripple his White House from the start until a new Dem administration could come to power in 2020, Trump turned to MILITARY INTELLIGENCE PROFESSIONALS.

As far as I know, @ThomasWictor the FIRST person to spot the fact Trump had frozen out the weaponized civilian IC people who’d been spying on his campaign/transition team under James Clapper & John Brennan.
Even while he was campaigning, Trump was surrounding himself with people like Gen. Michael Flynn, Gen. H. R. McMaster, Gen. John Kelly, and getting visits from people like Admiral Mike Rogers.

By time Trump won the election, & the transition was underway, he & his military advisors had ALREADY come up with a plan how to minimize the attack of the DOJ/IC plotters while simultaneously guiding them into a trap.
And the use of a small team of highly secretive military spies figured heavily into this plan.

Leak hunters.
Saboteur hunters.

People who collect intelligence, hunt spies & saboteurs & create intel ops.

Not amateurs.


The best at what they do.
People asked me for months: Why not just FIRE EVERYBODY. Clean HOUSE. Start OVER. Burn it all down, rebuild!?

Here’s why:

The (intent) wasn’t simply to REMOVE these people.

These stunning abuses of power demand an EXAMPLE.

Just *firing* people?

Are you kidding?
People asked me for months: Why not just FIRE EVERYBODY. Clean HOUSE. Start OVER. Burn it all down, rebuild!?

Here’s why:

The *plan* wasn’t simply to REMOVE these people.

These stunning abuses of power demand an EXAMPLE.

Just *firing* people?

Are you kidding?
The goal was to remove them from AFTER an airtight case had been built to PROSECUTE them for what they had done and what they were doing when they were removed.

The goal was to make it so NOBODY is *ever* tempted to try this kind of abuse of federal powers again.
Dedicated military intelligence professionals spent the last year collecting evidence, tracing leaks, finding & identifying leakers after being loaned to the DOJ from the NSC following their ‘firing’ after General Flynn’s ouster.

These people still can’t figure out what hit them. It looked like the coast was clear. They were left in place. They were free to operate, to continue trying to oust Trump, or at least severely damage his ability to govern.

Or so they thought.

While these politically motivated saboteurs/leakers/abusers were prostituting their federal powers to go after political opponents, very serious, dedicated patriots who understood what was at stake here were slowly guiding them into a trap.

Unlike people such as Eric Holder who TALKS a lot about rule of law while undermining it, these military spooks take that kind of stuff seriously.
Using federal agencies to target American citizens based on their political opposition to the current administration in power undermines our entire Constitution.

And these military patriots take their oaths to defend that Constitution VERY seriously.
It’s very likely we’ll never know who these military spooks were. They will never publicly identify themselves. Their work is pretty much done.

They won’t write books and you won’t see them on CNN.
But when a real serious threat to our entire American form of gov’t reared it’s head, a corruption so big & highly placed that the only way to remove it was to go OUTSIDE the civilian DOJ/IC community, these men and women of the military intel community were ready to act.

Think of how confident Obama, James Clapper, John Brennan & Eric Holder were transferring power to Trump on Jan. 20th, 2017.

They’d just spent 8 years weaponizing fed. agencies, basically ‘Trump-proofing’ them.

Trump would be gone soon.
“Best of luck to you, Donald.” [Ha ha you sucker. If you only knew what was waiting for you. You’ll be gone soon!]

“Thanks, Barack! Appreciate it!” [You loser. I know everything. I’m ready. Bring it on!]

You do NOT want military spooks after you. These people are pros. They take their oaths to defend our COUNTRY and our CONSTITUTION seriously.

As a whole bunch of people are now finding out.


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Stealth Jeff

a day ago

If the kind of abuse that the #FisaAbuseMemo & Horowitz’s investigation seems to have uncovered is not dealt with harshly, the entire American form of government is in jeopardy.
Our entire system of being a Constitutional Republic is based on the orderly, REAL transfer of power between political parties after voters have their say in elections.
All you need is ONE party deciding one time to use the power of the federal gov’t to suppress it’s political opponents & the entire American system of self governance through honest, free elections is in mortal danger.
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Stealth Jeff
a day ago

Oh I see that nobody, Carter Page, the guy who certainly didn’t trigger any FISA Warrants or anything like that, the mainstream media’s been telling me for about 3 weeks now, is trending again for some reason. 🤔
I warned’em. “Every single day you spend trying to claim Carter Page had nothing to do with triggering the surveillance of Trump’s Team using FISA court warrants is going to come back to haunt you.” Didn’t I say that?
For WEEKS Glenn Simpson & his media allies tried to desperately float a fake narrative about George Papadadpoulos having a drunk chat in a bar with an Aussie diplomat being the REAL trigger of the FBI’s Trump/Russia collusion investigation and thus the FISA warrants.
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