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Things to consider

Perspective: The DoJ and it’s FBI should remember this. The House of Representatives can defund them and make them go away. Power and the delegation thereof resides in the hands of the governed.–Gunny Barton Ret.

Congress’ House of Representatives is the people’s voice and mechanism for oversight of the Executive Branch. Congress has the duty to inform the people of Executive malfeasance or abuse of power that is hidden from public view. The President is given the courtesy of a review of information to be revealed solely for the purpose of opportunity to express concerns or objections. The House of Representatives must retain the ultimate authority to release the memo. The charge of partisan political agenda and motivation is irrelevant in exposing abuse. Abuse is abuse no matter who is helped or harmed by it’s exposure.–Gunny Barton Ret.

The House of Representatives is not just a “political committee.” The Congress supervises the Executive Branch and holds it accountable. The entire House has the opportunity to read the memo and weigh in on it’s value in exposing DoJ/FBI abuse of power and violation of rights. The overarching issue is corruption of the peaceful transfer of power in the Republic. Stopping an abusive and illegal investigation is secondary. The real question? Who has become a law unto themselves? The Congress has the Constitutional duty and responsibility to investigate and prosecute the President for high crimes and misdemeanors. The DoJ does not have jurisdiction over the President. That concept is ludicrous on it’s face. The electors have the jurisdiction.–Gunny Barton Ret.

Releasing the memo will not bring down the Republic.

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