Rumor Control | News Feed Outlets

You can find War Dog 6 Actual: Rumor Control on, Twitter, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Groups. A tentative presence is also set up on and youtube. Other platforms were recieving auto posts but need to be updated or discontinued.

A brief description of each outlet is provided to help you decide which works best for your purposes.

A note about censorship and strange activities. I believe the most effective way to work around censorship is to not totally depend on automatic notifications and news feeds. It may be best to have an email subscription to check twitter and facebook notifications against, for integrity of the feed or notifications.


You will find Wd6a: Rumor Control on Twitter @WD6ARC

Check out WD6A: Rumor Control (@WD6ARC):

The Twitter feed is automatically generated from blog posts and supplemented by retweets of other user tweets. Retweets range from breaking news and prominent account commentary to humorous nonsense. Occassional Editor commentary and engagement is thrown in the mix. @realDonaldTrump and @Whitehouse are followed fairly closely with phone notifications of all tweets. Many accounts are followed with phone notifications on an as needed basis according to news cycles and research interests.


Wd6a: Rumor Control has a basic email subscription service through the wordpress platform that sends out every post. It is suggested you either set up a dedicated email account or channel the subscription into a folder. You can subscribe here.

Facebook Groups

Wd6a: Rumor Control, has a group on Facebook. It is a public group where posts from the blog are shared for consumer convenience. The most important articles are manually shared after posting on the blog. The group provides a place to read and discuss the news. You can join the group to get notifications of posts and make comments. You can control the amount of notifications you recieve. You can find the group at this link.

Facebook Pages

Wd6a: Rumor Control also has a facebook page you can find at this link. The page was set up to receive posts from the blog automatically but the feature is currently non functional for unknown reasons. Some blog posts are shared to the page manually for the time being. you can follow the page on Facebook by liking it and choosing the ‘see first’ option.

Other Platforms

Outlets are being set up on other platforms such as and youtube but are not fully functional for regular posting. The youtube channel at present is primarily used to subscribe to other channels for blog content and to compose video playlists of various subjects, issues and news cycles. You may find the playlists useful in research.

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