#180201MemoWars | The Scope of the Corruption

The Scope of the Corruption:

Mark Levin talks about the memo madness

Why the memos?

To inform the public of abuse, gain support for a resolution, and prepare the people for political turmoil. The memos are a peep hole into the abyss of completely unconstitutional corruption in the highest offices of government in the Republic. What party is responsible is not the primary concern. The unconstitutional corruption must be removed and integrity restored. Public trust must be restored.

A proper procedure:

Everyone needs to understand that the House and Senate Memos are public informational memos at best. The memos are not, by themselves, legal indictments or charging documents.

They are not sufficient evidence, by themselves, to bring charges with a grand jury. They are sufficient cause for concern and basis for further investigation to put a case(s) before a grand jury.

If and when charges are brought by a grand jury, the case(s) still must be decided by a judge and jury or a plea deal in a public manner. That is the American Justice System. That is the American Way. The case(s) will not be decided by a political party mob.

One thing absolutely clear is, establishment politicians, the Democrat party and entrenched Bureaucrats do not want to be investigated for unconstitutional usurption to criminally abuse government power and public trust. They all have been caught red handed with the cookie jar.
–GySgt DD Barton Ret.

A good and proper political perspective:

Dan Bongino’s investigation experience perspective:

#180201MemoWars | A video record

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