Federal Priorities | The Budget and Deficit Realities

The Federal government was created to secure peace, stability and liberty to the people. Their Job One is national defense and foreign affairs. Their primary duty is to secure the borders from invasions of any kind. Border security and immigration control are the primary methods of stopping invasions.

An unbeatable standing military capability and competent foreign policy is required to reduce external threats of force. We must protect our positions in the global economy. We must negotiate free and fair reciprocal trade. Economies have always been global in nature. So have the efforts to control them.

Social and economic security is the duty of state, county and local authorities. Look for Trump to continue to reduce the size and impact of Federal agencies. The States must step up to the challenge and assist in the transition from the Federal teet. Time to ween the fifty sovereign nation states.

A word on the deficit. Trump is attacking the deficit on two fronts. One, He is growing revenue with a booming tax base and economy. He is taking less money from individual entities, but from exponentially more, people and businesses who will be making more money. Two, he is reducing the size and expense of federal agencies and their workforce. Trump is decentralizing govenment controls and the expenses they incur on the people.

State and local governments should do the same. After all, the most horrendous deficit we can have in the Republic, is a deficit of liberty and security.

For those bitching about change and deficits … Grow up.

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