5 comments on “Vietnam and the Rise of the New Left

  1. Joan Deaver says:

    You’ll never win by pitting one party against the other. We Want Patriots To Work With Us and #MAGA. Liberal, conservatives, independents, Whatever! Let’s save our Republic from the Cabal.


    • My goal is to inform and pit the people against the parties that give them false choices, promises, hopes and agendas. It is time for the people to reclaim the entire electoral process from corrupt power structures. It is time to leave the corrupt private corporate clubs in the dustbin of history.


    • The New Left is part of the Cabal along with the Political Establishment.


    • Daniel D. Barton, Sr. says:

      I support President Trump’s efforts to cut the Federal establishment. It would be better if Congress was doing it by repealing all the unconstitutional and therefore illegal legislation and ammendments they have passed. A president or party cannot and will not make them do that. That is where the next battle lies. Reclaiming Congress from the political parties.


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