Gun Control! | Trump Fires Up The Base For 2018

Conservatives are losing their grip over imprecise language and the left cheers as “Trump’s base turns on him!” …

I have a different take …

Trump is firing up the base to not be complacent about 2018. He emphasized that narrative at CPAC18. He has announced he is running in 2020 to show his commitment for the duration. Think … think …

He has reminded the base that he cannot stop the leftist agenda by himself without Conservative Republican Support in Congress.

A giddy gun grabbing Feinstein on public airwaves exposes the Democrat agenda for all to see. Did she scare you? Good, make sure you vote in 2018 …. Trump scared the hell out of you on purpose …. and he has exposed the weak links on the conservative side … Trump does everything with purpose …

Do you really believe Trump will not keep his promise to fight the Democrats? If you do, you should turn off the tv and get a grip. Look at his deconstruction of the leftist administrative state. Look at everything he has accomplished with the economy, jobs, national defense and the culture.

Promises made, promises kept. Get a grip … get a grip … and never get complacent … continue the fight in 2018 and beyond … everyday of every year … the left will give no quarter …

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