Last Time | On Tariffs

I believe Trump’s over-arching objective is the restoration of America’s Wealth Creation Base of Manufactured goods and its support infrastuctures. He wants to re-establish more Independence on all levels. We currently have a Wealth Creation Imbalance as well as manufactured goods trade imbalance.–Gy

Derrick Grayson via Facebook

“Last Time on Tariffs:

All y’all need to do is wait and watch.

Trump has shown over and again that he is a man of action. He shines light in the dark places and because he has shown that he will move the ball, it forces others to come to the table and act.

DACA is a perfect example. If something is not done, Trump will make it clear, it was the Democrats. Why? He has his own pen ready, but it won’t be done by EO. He knows it must be done by Congress.

On these tariffs, nobody wants to lose. Trump said great. But we are not going to lose anymore either.

The response, people are threatening a trade war, but the reality is, they have more to lose than America.

Why? Because America touches everyone in the world. If we sneeze, the whole world catches a cold.

They will come to the table.

End of Story.”

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