Chelsea Storm Durham | The Termination Document

The Chelsea Storm Durham employment termination document says exactly what she has been reporting. One of the reasons given was “workplace safety concerns.”

Her testimony is that when she asked what the safety concerns were, the response was a concern about her having a concealed carry permit. She says she was fired like a criminal and escorted from work by three police officers. Her testimony also alleges a previous counseling session that showed concern for her lawful possession of weapons at home.

That testimony, if proven accurate, is a concern for civil liberties to all gun owners in America. If credible testimony exists that Ms Durham is a proven threat to others then due process should be followed to adjudicate that situation.

Ms Durham’s interview and statements with OAN

The document was obtained via the following article that says Ms Durham allowed them to make a copy.


Former Roanoke social services employee claims she was fired…

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4 comments on “Chelsea Storm Durham | The Termination Document

  1. Bill Simon says:

    Daniel, why do you insist on putting her FULL name online? Ever heard of identity theft? You’re just making it a whole lot easier for her to have it available to Google search engines. If you care about her at all, you’ll remove that middle name.

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