Specificity equals clarity in communication | A Net positive

I read the referenced article. To me it seemed to use a multitude of specific but different situations and activities to define the scope and meaning of one fairly simple term. You be the judge.

Check out @jordanbpeterson’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/975180387155521537?s=09

Check out @WD6ARC’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/WD6ARC/status/975217354744442880?s=09

Check out @WD6ARC’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/WD6ARC/status/975218986630696961?s=09

Check out @chris4485’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/chris4485/status/975410483636338688?s=09

Check out @WD6ARC’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/WD6ARC/status/975597295889678336?s=09

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