A Dead Branch and The Sword of Truth

When you need to repair something it is crucial to strip away all that is corrupted and rebuild on solid structure that has maintained its integrity. This ensures a longer lasting integrity of the repair.

Likewise, in debate

Cut to the root of the problem and stop hacking at the leaves and suckers of a dead branch. Progressive/Communist arguments against liberty and natural rights are “suckers” or unhealthy growth from a dead branch of law.

The progressive branch of “constitutional law” is disconnected from the Republic’s founding principle, the rule of liberty is superior to the rule of law.

Cut off that dead branch with the sword of truth forged in the Lee Resolution and its unanimous Declaration of Independence.

Our oath should be to support and defend the Lee Resolution’s Principles of Sovereignty, Liberty and Self Government

… and …

the Constitution it founded.

You cannot effectively defend them without that sword. You cannot defend them in ignorance.–Gy

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