Roseanne: Trump, Hillary, Weed, Comedy and More | Rubin-Shapiro-Review

Roseanne interview with Rubin

Frank Boone commented on Facebook:

Watching Dave, at times with his chin on the floor, is priceless.

All of this pro Trump hoopla using Roseanne Barr as their standard bearer shows me how woefully ignorant many Trump supporters are.

That kind of blind allegiance is dangerous and the very same behavior found in liberals. SMH

Ben Shapiro on Roseanne show

A review of the new show posted in a comment thread on

@WTWASP9 As a fan of the original series (well, that’s to say, a fan of the first few seasons, when it was FUNNY, when it was ORIGINAL, and long BEFORE Roseanne started politicizing the series and taking episode plots into all kinds of insane and “provocative” directions with a dead/cheating Dan, a lottery windfall, and her own potential lesbianism with that Hemmingway chick), I decided to tune in to the resurrected series…

What a pile of steaming (censored)…

I could have almost stomached the obnoxious flag-waving patriotism by factoring in the military (with DJ’s enlistment and service),..

I could even overlook the mind-(censored) of having Dan alive and well despite the original series indicating that all the “crazy episodes” (of Dan’s infidelity and the lottery and such) were all Roseanne Connor’s “coping mechanism” for what was, in fact, the character’s demise from the heart attack we all thought he survived…

I could have even accepted the strained effort of casting BOTH “Beckys” (with Sarah Chalke assuming a new role) just for the sake of an all-inclusive “reunion”…

I could also even forgive that this incarnation of the series wasn’t even the least bit FUNNY.

But I cannot stomach having a cross-dressing and CONFUSED CHILD shoved down my throat and presented as “perfectly normal and healthy, and if you dare question it or dislike it, you’re a hateful bigot/~ist/~phobe!”…

Apart from the ad-nauseum virtue-signaling, I dunno about you all, but I did not even recognize the characters. I am not talking about how they’ve changed over the years – that is expected (although I can’t accept a slim Dan).

I mean, their mannerisms and quirks and what made these characters who they were. WHERE WAS THAT STUFF?

It’s as if all the actors completely forgot the formulas they crafted to make these characters who and what they were in their heyday, and were just on the old set, not even in the outfits you’d expect them to wear (apart from Dan’s fisherman’s garb), dutifully reciting politically-correct SJWisms from their pseudofficial manifesto.

I did not see nor hear Dan & Roseanne Connor, and their daughter Darlene… I saw & heard Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, and Sara Gilbert going through motions.

This is what SJWism has brought us, folks :

A televised instruction manual on how to fall in line with “right think” and how to behave, via regarding insanity as sane, and rejecting logic as some sick perversion to be shunned and shamed, all wrapped up in the “mah-feelz” appeasing format of a rehashed “sitcom” (which was better left canceled/ended) for our indoctrina– uhh, I mean, “entertainment”…

Needless to say, I will not be tuning in to this holier-than-thou horse (censored) again.

I have never felt so robbed of my time in my entire life.

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