Horowitz Report (DoJ OIG) | Nothing to see here – NYT

NYTs released swamp gas to put you to sleep on the biggest story of government corruption in American History. A story about the DemonicRat’s and Establishment’s ‘Stasi’ operation to subvert the election and presidency of Donald John Trump.–GySgt. D D Barton, Ret. USMC

Thread by @KimStrassel: “1. So a few important points on that new NYT “Hurricane Crossfire” piece. A story that, BTW, all of us following this knew had to be coming. […]”

Author of “Staziland” gives us a glimpse into how former East German Stazi justified their conduct in enforcing the Communist Soviet Bloc East German Police State. “They were worse than the Nazi Gestapo.”–former prisoner who survived both regimes.

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