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Give the children their claws back? | Balance them with a Warrior Ethos: Be assertive not aggressive

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School shootings as Repression of the Shadow

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Another school shooting in the U.S. has occurred, and with it, the usual responses of collective mourning, tribal flexing, and poverty of understanding. I believe that Dr. Peterson’s work has given me an insight into the nature of this phenomenon that may provide for an actual solution to the problem.

When I was a Boy Scout, I got the shotgun shooting and rifle shooting merit badges. For years, I went to summer camps that had fully equiped shooting ranges packed full of young teenage boys. In many ways, the environment and demographic is similar to many schools, yet not once has there been an incident of a mass shooting at a Boy Scout summer camp, even with the greater availability of firearms. Why is this?

Part of the way (a big part) that young boys and men socialize each other is with the threat of violence, usually minimal violence. If you step out of line, you can count on your mates to cuff you (or for your enemies to do worse). As they mature, men who have been properly socialized in this manner are those who have mastered the art of intimidation and the appropriate use of judicial force. There is always something slightly intimidating about such men, not in a domineering way, but in a way that compels respect from other men and attraction from women.

We have removed too much of the masculine spirit from school culture; the phenomenon of the shooter is the manifestation of the collective Shadow of masculinity demanding attention. Like Maleficent, we do not invite Him to the party at our peril, and He becomes a monster that will barge His way in anyway. The emergence of chaos is evidence of the excess of order; we have imposed too much control onto Nature in trying to engineer our schools to be safe, and Life is not safe. I believe that the only viable solution would be to mandate self-defense and firearms training for all students. Make them as deadly as possible so that they know how to defend themselves and their communities and so that hell-bent losers know that the only one leaving a school shooting in a body bag will be them if they try something so stupid and evil. This would simultaneously solve the problem of shooters seeking infamy and recognition. After enough failed attempts, it wouldn’t even be reported anymore.

Give the kids back their claws. The indoor cats have made enough of a mess of things.

A message to the school shooters: Past, Present and Future | Jordan B Peterson

Unconventional Wisdom (not progressive)

Social Milestones

For the younger children, there are some social milestones that are used to kind of gauge where the child is. These include:

Birth to 8 months – They begin socialization by first recognizing voices. They are also comforted by things like a smile, and may smile back. They also use different types of crying to indicate what is causing them discomfort.

8 to 36 months – During this time children, experience anxiety when they are away from their parent or caregiver. They will also show signs of being frustrated, and they will approach other children to play, although they may play alongside them, rather than directly with them.

Preschoolers – Social interaction is important during this time. Children begin forming friendships and engaging in unorganized play with others. They will also have many disputes while playing. This is an important time to teach children about rules, and getting along with others.

Once children start school, they begin to choose their own friends, play cooperatively with others, and engage in more fair play. All of these stages are important steps in the quest for healthy social emotional development. Giving your child the opportunity to engage in socialization is easier than you may think. All you need to do is take them to a weekly class, a library story time, and/or playgroup in your area.

Homeschooling and Socialization

If you are not a one of the millions of people who homeschool their children each year, you probably, like most people, believe that homeschooled children are not properly socialized. Many people believe that because homeschooled children do not attend a formal school setting, that they are missing out on the ability to socialize with their peers and gain the benefits from such relationships.

However, the idea that homeschooled children are not being socialized, is nothing more than a myth. Homeschooled children are socialized without any problems. The vast majority of homeschooling families engage in extracurricular activities outside of the home, which may include things like classes, sports, community functions and church. This gives them ample opportunity to build healthy friendships and to socialize.

Many people even argue that homeschooled children are actually better-socialized than children who go to formal schools. This is because homeschooled children spend their time around people of all ages, learning to socialize with peers, as well as adults, while kids who go to school spend their days largely socializing with kids their age, leaving them unsure how to socialize with others. Plus, homeschooled children avoid all the school popularity issues or getting into trouble for socializing at the wrong times, both of which may have a detrimental impact on their development.

A message to parents | Jordan B Peterson

How a child becomes anti-social | Jordan B Peterson

(Excerpt from #6 in personality series

The absolute necessity of fathers | Warren Farrell / Jordan B Peterson

What is the boy crisis?

It’s a crisis of education. Worldwide, boys are 50 percent less likely than girls to meet basic proficiency in reading, math, and science.

It’s a crisis of mental health. ADHD is on the rise. And as boys become young men, their suicide rates go from equal to girls to six times that of young women.

It’s a crisis of fathering. Boys are growing up with less-involved fathers and are more likely to drop out of school, drink, do drugs, become delinquent, and end up in prison.

It’s a crisis of purpose. Boys’ old sense of purpose—being a warrior, a leader, or a sole breadwinner—are fading. Many bright boys are experiencing a “purpose void,” feeling alienated, withdrawn, and addicted to immediate gratification.

So, what is The Boy Crisis? A comprehensive blueprint for what parents, teachers, and policymakers can do to help our sons become happier, healthier men, and fathers and leaders worthy of our respect.


“The Boy Crisis brilliantly explores the challenges facing our sons—and everyone. The sections on ADHD, the role of mothering and fathering, and developing boys’ health intelligence are priceless and life-changing.”

—Suzanne Somers

“Drs. Farrell and Gray frighten and enlighten us in their brilliant analysis, insights, wisdom, and practical solutions to The Boy Crisis . . . essential reading for every parent, teacher, and policy-maker.”

—Philip Zimbardo, PhD, former president of the American Psychological Association and Stanford University professor

“It would be impossible to read this book and not become a better parent, teacher, or thought leader.”

—Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Timesbestselling author

“What The Feminine Mystique did for girls and women, The Boy Crisis does for boys and men. An eloquently written, compelling tour de force,The Boy Crisis presents a long overdue vision of boys’ self-worth, sense of purpose, and idea of heroism that will leave our boys happier, healthier, and better prepared to sustain love.”

—Dr. Richard A. Warshak, author of Divorce Poison

“A must-read for anyone who cares about our boys, our schools, our culture, and the future of our country.”

—Helen Smith, PhD, author of Men on Strike

“Arresting, alarming, and impeccably researched, The Boy Crisis is a must-read for every parent, educator, and policymaker who cares about the future of boys and girls.”

—Michael G. Thompson, PhD, New York Timesbestselling coauthor of Raising Cain

“The Boy Crisis is a groundbreaking and exhaustively researched book about one of the most vital and disastrous yet underreported topics in America.”

—Suzanne Venker, Fox News contributor and author of The War on Men

“Original, thoughtful, and filled with gems of practical wisdom to understand and support the future of boys.”

—Jack Canfield, coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul®series

“As an activist in the women’s movement, I’m proud of expanding life choices for our daughters. But no one did the same for our sons—until now. Dr. Warren Farrell shines his searchlight on the ‘boy problem with no name’ in this totally absorbing, astonishing, and masterful book. Best of all, he offers parents and educators straightforward solutions with a heart full of compassion.”

—Gail Sheehy, author of Passages and Understanding Men’s Passages

“The Boy Crisis is the most important book of the 21st century. . . . If you care about the very survival of humankind, you must read this book.”

—Jed Diamond, PhD, author of The Irritable Male Syndrome

“A must-read for anyone who cares about our boys, our schools, our culture, and the future of our country.”

—Helen Smith, PhD, author of Men on Strike

“The Boy Crisis is a groundbreaking and exhaustively researched book about one of the most vital and disastrous yet underreported topics in America by one of the most thoughtful writers of our time. As the wife of a dad-deprived man, and the mother of a dad-enriched son, I can personally vouch for its deep significance.”

—Suzanne Venker, Fox News contributor and author of The War on Men

“The Boy Crisis will deepen your awareness and help you guide your son through the many dilemmas and ordeals that attend the journey from boyhood to manhood. Profoundly helpful.”

—Sam Keen, author of Fire in the Bellyand Prodigal Father, Wayward Son

About the Author

Dr. Warren Farrell is the author of books published in 17 languages. They include two award-winning international best-sellers: Why Men Are The Way They Are plus The Myth of Male Power. Warren has been chosen by the Financial Times as one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders.

Dr. Farrell is currently the Chair of the Commission to Create a White House Council on Boys and Men. He is the only man in the U.S. to have been elected three times to the Board of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in New York City. He started more than 300 men and women’s groups, including ones joined by men from John Lennon to John Gray. Dr. Farrell has appeared repeatedly on Oprah, TODAY, andGood Morning America, and been the subject of features on 20/20, in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, People, Parade, and The New York Times.

Dr. John Gray is the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. USA Today listed Mars/Venus as number six among the most influential books of the last quarter century. In hardcover, it was the number one bestselling nonfiction book of the nineties. John Gray’s books are translated into approximately 45 languages in more than 100 countries.

Dr. Gray’s more recent books include Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, Why Mars and Venus Collide, and Work With Me (with Barbara Annis). John has appeared repeatedly on Oprah, as well as on The Dr. Oz Show, TODAY, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, etc. He has been profiled in Time, Forbes, USA Today, TV Guide, and People. He was also the subject of a three-hour special hosted by Barbara Walters.


Teach your sons to be men who love and protect with a Warrior Ethos. Teach them to run to the sounds of chaos. They will learn things and grow strong.

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