POTUS walks away from the NAFTA table

President Trump drops the hammer on Multi-National Corporations … no tariff exemptions … wait, there is more … now deal with it.

Twitter Thread by @TheLastRefuge2:

1. Today is the day I’ve been waiting for. Today President Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross lowered the hammer on the Big Club.

2. China, the EU, Canada and Mexico have been exploiting weak U.S. trade policy for years. Through the effective utilization of targeted tariffs, with multiple opportunities -and warnings- to avoid the outcome, President Trump and Wilbur Ross cut the Gordian Knot.

3. The Big Club, driven almost entirely by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Tom Donohue are going bananas….. They can’t believe Trump actually did it. He actually followed through. The Wall Street consortium of multinationals are apoplectic.

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