Mad Max’s DemonicRat Demonocracy

Anyone actively following #MadMaxines call to #DemonicRat #Demonocracy by #Mobocracy and committing such aggressive acts of intimidation should be charged with assault, disturbing the peace, and violation of the individual’s natural rights.

Assault is creating fear of bodily harm in another person by word or deed. Disturbing the peace with mob actions violates individual rights to peaceful pursuit of happines and property rights. We have a property in our rights. Causing business losses by mob action is a violation of rights. Commiting acts of assault by aggression against public servants to intimidate is insurrection and a violation of their natural rights.


Note: There are no migrant children being intentionally harmed, except by migrant criminals who use and abuse them as cover. Mad Max and DemonicRats are protecting DemonicRat power and a criminal invasion for votes, not the children. If they cared about the children they would stop the criminal invasion that uses and abuses children as cover.


Side Bar your honor-From History:

George Washington sent troops to put down the Whiskey Rebellion after the tax protest turned into violent attacks on Tax Collectors. President Washington had refused to use troops to enforce collection of the tax. The Tax Collectors, by the way, had no authority to use force to collect the tax. The tax was never successfully collected, by the way, because it was an unfair tax that would have hurt small farmers and helped big producers by reducing their competition.

Crony Capitalism is collusion between business and government to kill competition. Crony Capitalists learned they needed force to make their schemes work. Decades later we had prohibition, which finally killed off the homebrew small farmer moonshine industry. Now we have small brewers fighting the same battle against regulation by the ABC agencies, who can use force, by the way.


The Right to Self Defense is not debatable:

Sheriff David Clarke:

Maxine (Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag) Waters call for open warfare on people is a campaign of menace. If an angry crowd circles someone, that person should view that as a threat to their bodily security. People reserve the right to defend themselves.



There is no right to use mobs to commit violence on other citizens to get your way. That is pure Marxist/Communist bs we have been dealing with since the 60s. It is time to put a stop to that notion. The way to contain the government is by political action and united political entities of communities and states. The only ones who benefit from social melt down of legitimate law and order are the Communists and Jihadist Islamists among us.

Oh, and there is no such thing as “Social Warfare.” There is nothing civil or social about mob action.


They need to just expell her from the body if she refuses to resign. They can do that.

Tonight, I introduced a resolution to censure and condemn Maxine Waters for her recent comments, that encouraged actions that jeopardized the safety of government officials. Her rhetoric, as a Member of Congress, was unacceptable. STATEMENT:

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