“OMG! Trump Caved! Promised Amnesty! No Wall!” etc., etc., ….

“OMG! Trump Caved! Promised Amnesty! No Wall!” etc., etc., ….

The following videos are for you “Screechers and Knuckleheads” out there. (Coulter, Malkin, Breitbart, and too many facebook acquaintances)

Lawyer Mark Levin, the heavyweight Conservative Constitutional Legal and Political Analyst, explains why the President did not offer DACA and TPS illegal aliens amnesty. Trump did not offer the Democrats what they wanted, like all past Republican administrations have.

He also gives his considered legal opinion on why Mueller had to call out the phony Buzzfeed article, ie., to avoid a leak investigation he couldn’t control.


Sebastian Gorka and Watters panel on Trump’s Offer in Compromise and Buzzfeed’s Media Clown Show


The following is basically one interview uploaded in two parts

“Human Compromise –>Operation Hammer” and “Leverage Sales –>Clinton Foundation”


“How Obama and the Clintons built Deep State apparatuses to seize and maintain control of global political power: To subvert and fundamentally transform the American Republic and the Old World Order
(someone needs to write this book)

Clintons squeal and deal?, Wall Building Progress?, Shutdown Lies, Smoke and Mirrors of the Media Narratives, Trump’s Objectives and Methods, and much more to think about … inside Benghazi and 13 hours … where to find more legitimately reliable sources for your own rumor control efforts.


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