American(?) Media’s Facade | A Look Behind The Curtain

“The game is always the same. Remove the seasoned, moral, adult influence then corrupt the minds of the young.”
~Gunny Barton



Revolution Collusion and Foreign Collusion to influence American Policy, Politics and Election Outcomes?



How to provide material support to Mohammadan Jihadists or Marxist Revolutionaries and get away with it?



American(?) Propaganda Machines | For Sale to the Highest Bidders Foreign and Domestic?


But not


Enemies of the Republic and Constitution, Foreign and Domestic?



Who is really financing and writing the “news naratives” in major outlets these days? Tripe and gossip that treasonous, anti-constitution, anti-republic, marxist and Islamic useful idiots are more than willing to put their name on. Clickbait propaganda corrupt editors are happy to publish as their own, “journalism.”

I would never advocate shutting them down. On the contrary, I am happy they speak and expose what they are for all to see. I don’t even advocate prosecution or bully tactics. The light of truth is enough to destroy them and their lies. Help light them up.

~Gunny @wardog6actual


Two interesting characteristics of journalism’s recent decline are apparent in the wake of last week’s dramatic layoffs at BuzzFeed, Gannett, Yahoo, AOL and the Huffington Post. The first is the industry’s commitment to propagandizing for social justice politics in thousands of cheap, disposable clickbait articles. The other, in ostensibly serious reporting, is the extent to which reporters and
editors allow freelance influence operators and media manipulators to craft meta-narratives using their bylines and media outlets.


Qatar Hacking Scandal Illustrates How U.S. Media Megaphones Foreign Agitprop


In the Elliott Broidy case, the media’s anti-Trump hysteria aligned with Qatar’s interests. The story of how Qatar’s paid actors targeted him using U.S. media deserves to be well-known.
By David Reaboi

In the article

* What American Media Has Become

* Leveraging the Media’s Weaknesses

* Lots of Money in Pre-Writing News Stories

* U.S. Media as a Weapon for Foreign Powers

* Open Anti-Trump Media, Insert Foreign Agitprop

David Reaboi is a national security and political warfare consultant who lives in Dallas, Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @davereaboi.


@julie_kelly2 Tweeted:

This is a must-read by @davereaboi. Americans are unaware of the alarming intersection between foreign interests, political operatives and the media. It’s pure propaganda with serious policy consequences. A damning report you won’t find in major media:



A really funny, related short article
Ah Ace nails it again and again.


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