The Progression to Utopia

The Progression to Utopia


Big Business is Evil
Big Central Government is Good

Vote for us: We will protect you from bully businessmen


Wealth is Evil
Poverty is Good

Vote for us: We will tax the producers and help you.


Private Property is Evil
Community is Good

Vote for us: We will take their businesses, then make you the owners and bosses.


Individualism is Evil
State Control is Supreme

We won’t shoot you,
vote for us,
take the work we give you,
meet quota.
The End

No, Not Even

The Constitutional Republic of the united Nation States of North America is founded on the Principle of Respect for and Protection of, the Natural Rights, Property, Stewardship and Agency of all men. The protection is provided by established Rule of Law and Order that secures the necessary Respect for rights, property, stewardship, and agency.









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