What Will it Take | Whiskey for my men, Beer for my horses

All politics are local. All corruption is fed from the grass roots political machines managed and directed by central casting and control. The Beast is fed by direct forced taxation of individuals and entities. No pay, no play, do not pass go and head directly to jail. You did not build that, the government did.

The dollar is taxed nearly every time it changes hands in the economy. More dollars are printed making the one in your hand worth less everyday.

Big Businesses lobby and pay for a piece of the power pie, in the form of competition killing regulations, they can afford, to capture markets from small businesses, who can’t afford them. The regulations kill the real, local, middle class and make local economies dependent on central control from unacountable masters.

local and state governments happily trade their Independence and Sovereignty for a trickle down return on the financial rape of their citizens and small businesses through forced and excessive direct taxation. Then, they add to the rape with more taxation. The people are happy because they are getting free money, and stuff. They are clueless what all this is really costing them ie., their liberty, sovereignty, property and natural rights.

So, I was asked, “What is it going to take to fix all this?”

It is going to take people waking up, raising hell, and taking control of their local government back from State and Federal Authority. It is going to take County Sheriffs protecting their citizens from unconstitutional laws and prosecutions. It is going to take citizen militia backing their sheriff up if it comes to violent aggression against their authority by state and federal agents.

It is going to take supervision of the local political process from day to day. It is not enough to simply vote for the lesser of evils. It will take recruiting, vetting, selection, election and supervision between elections. Government officials at any level cannot be allowed to run on auto-pilot.

It is going to take declaring Independence from the King, his Parliament and his Courts, again, if they refuse to relent. It is going to take people who know how the Republic is suppose to function, and then, stand up to make it happen. Kill (figuratively) the IRS and the Fed, before they kill (literally) the Republic and the Constitution.

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