Incredible Nunes Video | Dan Bongino 4/12/2019


#ObamaGate – “Obama spied his people lied.”

Obama began spying on the Trump campaign in 2015 before Trump’s nomination at the GOP convention. Just Before his nomination a spike in illegal queries of the NSA database began. Head of the NSA, Admiral Rogers, uncovered these activities and put a stop to them.

Obama tried to have Rogers fired. He also told Trump that Flynn was a bad actor. Wonder why.

Rogers informed President Elect Trump of Obama’s illegal spying in the transition SCIFF as soon as it was established. Trump moved his transition team operations out of Trump Tower the next day.

With the NSA assets denied the spying operation moved to the Russian Collusion / Trump Compromised / Russian Asset / Golden Showers Narratives. All based on the phony Steele Dossier.

The DoJ/FBI used those narratives and leaked information to begin its own illegal spying Operation Crossfire Hurricane through abuse of the FISA court process. All this was aided by strategic leaks to select reporters to get the narrative up and running in the public eye.

All this had one purpose:

Overthrow the elected goverment of the Republic to hide Obama’s crimes.




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