Libertarian Defection To The Dark Side

The Ron Paul Institute’s Blog (I’m Jumping Off the Trump Train: Assange Was the Last Straw) claims that Trump proves he is now owned by the establishment because of the Assange Arrest. Ron Paul’s core motives are now in question by many.

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Hank Sullivan wrote:

Trump holds all the cards, friends. Donald Trump holds every one of the cards. And remember, during his campaign Trump told us in no uncertain terms that the very purpose of his decision to seek the Presidency was singular, to replace “a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American people.” That’s it, Trump’s guiding principle. Where many libertarian-minded individuals get blinded is misunderstanding Trump’s motivation and confusing Trump’s primary principle by contrast with libertarian, or perhaps “Ron-Paulian” primary principles, as if there is some authority guiding them in the Constitution. There is none.

Ron Paul never sought to replace the “failed and corrupt political establishment” with one controlled by the people. Ron Paul sought to replace the same with…essentially nothing, advocating to step back the size and role of government to that which existed as perhaps under the Articles of Confederation, a very weak central government which as a byproduct could never trample the people’s rights out of that designed weakness. But that did not work and that is not what America is under the US Constitution.

There are no libertarian principles, such as Ron Paul would have them expressed, in the Constitution. The primary principle guiding the Constitution is that it describes a government of, by and for the purposes the people shall over time decide. It gives the people the rules by which those decisions should be made. It restricts the government’s authorities to those the people decide, not to some arbitrary extraneous set of libertarian principles. If I am wrong, please someone give me the chapter and verse of enumeration of libertarian principles in that document for I surely missed them.

And somehow, Ron Paul was able to create the impression in the minds of the impressionable that the very purpose of government is essentially no government at all, that all government is wrong, and that a Constitutional government is only one in which every jot and tittle of the laws enacted under the Constitution are all pre-written and specifically codified in the Constitution itself. Because these folks cannot find the US Code already pre-codified in the Constitutional document, they express dismay, holding that each and every law enacted under the Constitution is void and unconstitutional as a result. That Ron Paul was able to successfully create that impression in the minds of so many people, to me, is the disservice of Ron Paul to the idea of Constitutional government.

And as future events unfold, if Trump is successful we will see that he will actually fulfill the purpose of America’s founding and take the power of government away from the “failed and corrupt political establishment” he battles and return it to the people our founders ordained to control it. That is why Trump is there and why I predict that Julian Assange will play a key roll in that effort, which is why Trump is bringing him to America.
My Perspective

The deep state knew Trump and white hats were coming after them. Lucifer knew before anyone but God. This really is a battle to the death.

There are none so blind as those who already know everything and close their minds to new information. Trump is a real deal. His net results have proven it over and over again. He is a master at using the deep state’s games againt them and winning for the American people.

In the assault on an objective you lose good people in the chaos. If you lose your momentum, you all die. This is a battle to the death. The deep state knows this. Trump knows this.

It is interesting to watch and see those who lose heart in the fight and have their lines they won’t cross on principle. You either win, or you lose in Lucifer’s world.

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