6 Gun Lies (And One Truth) Obama Told In Brazil | Ryan Gleckner

Quotes were extracted from the artice and reordered, with some commentary, to emphasize certain points first.

“God gave us Free Agency. With it we have choice, do good or do evil, obey or disobey, respect or disrespect. No law of men or nature can change that. Control is never effective in the long term. The people will rebel. Mortal lives will be taken”

“Any call for more gun control is an admission that gun control doesn’t work.”
~Ryan Cleckner

If politicians want us to take them seriously in discussions about our firearm laws, they need to stop lying about these laws. Misrepresenting firearms laws does nothing to help reduce gun violence.

In fact, the enforcement, or in many cases like gun-free zones, reducing our current laws is what we need. Any call for more gun control is an admission that gun control doesn’t work.
~Ryan Cleckner

“His statement to a foreign audience includes six lies about our gun laws and one truth. Let’s start out on a positive note and cover the one true statement first.

‘Gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense.’~Barrack Obama

On this, Obama and I agree. I doubt, however, that we share the same reasoning.

Firearms in the United States are regulated by myriad, and often nonsensical or conflicting, laws and regulations. Here are just a couple examples of our absurd gun laws:

If a plastic foregrip is added to an AR-15 pistol, without federal paperwork approved, taxes paid, engravings made, and months of wait-time, it is an illegal firearm. However, an AR-15 rifle with the exact same operating mechanism and cartridge fired may have the same foregrip added without consequence.

A handgun with a rifled barrel (twisting grooves for bullet spin) that fires a shotgun shell is a standard firearm. However, the same handgun with a smooth barrel is a highly regulated firearm.

A semi-auto shotgun made in America may hold more than five shotgun shells. However, if the same shotgun were imported, it may not.

Well, that was easy—we’ve covered all of Obama’s true statements. Now let’s tackle the lies.”
~Ryan Cleckner

Ryan Cleckner is a former special operations sniper and a current firearms attorney, university lecturer, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook. His most recent projects include online training to help people get an FFL and providing an app and training as school safety solutions.”
~The Federalist

These are the six lies Obama stated as facts in his speech. Ryan Cleckner debunks them all with descriptions of the laws currently enforced in the Republic.

1. Anybody Can Buy a Firearm

2. Any Firearm Can Be Purchased

3. A Firearm Can Be Purchased at Any Time

4. Firearms Can Be Purchased with Few Regulations

5. Firearms Can Be Purchased Over the Internet

6. Anyone Can Purchase a Machine Gun


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